Denim Love ❤


Denim denim where are you, come out again I need you…

Finally here is my first blog post.

‘I have nothing to wear ‘ is my first thought when I open my closet full of clothes. According to me it’s a girl problem “Nothing to wear and no space for new clothes”.

The same thought crossed my mind the morning we decided to leave for Nandi Hills. Nothing to wear…. Not again. ‘What can I wear for a perfect day out?’ I thought , ’t-shirt – nah too casual, shirt  – too formal, short dress – not at all its going to be too cold’ ; so I decided to mix n match something. I looked at my new jeans with a devilish smile and picked it. What should be paired with it ? I opened my wardrobe again and found something …. My denim jacket <3. This jacket can go with any of the t-shirts I own giving it a completely different look. But this time I decided to wear it a black black full sleeved inner, giving it a classy look.



So I decided to pair up my brand new light blue jeans with a denim jacket and a pair of loafers complimenting my looks.


Outfit checked, footwear checked, makeup checked… yet something was missing.  Let’s try some accessories…


And then I decided to accessorise myself with a junk neck piece, a pretty scarf and how can I forget my side bag that completed my look.  And wolla I got what was required for a perfect day out. Not only did it flaunt my curves but made me feel beautiful and stylish.

Site – Nandi Hills

Footwear – Black Loafers

Glares – Ray Ban

Hope you liked it

Lots of love!!! 😘

Meenal Ranka

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the denim on denim great look for you! Feel free to check out my recent posts on my site!


    1. meenal01 says:

      Thank you for appreciating… 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Madhu Sainani says:

    Nice meenal☺☺☺


    1. meenal01 says:

      Thanks Madhu 🙂


  3. shelly says:

    Nice 😊


    1. meenal01 says:

      Thank you 🙂


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