“You look beautiful “said a pretty lady whom I met a few minutes ago in the bus while traveling to my relatives place. “Well thank you. And you too look beautiful” was my reply. She laughed and said “oh please don’t lie, I know I’m not”. I was quite taken aback from her statement when we continued the conversation I realized that she never thought she was as beautiful as others. Then and there itself I decided to dedicate one of my post to all the people out there who think they are not beautiful.

Hello folks,

We all have been using this word beauty millions or may be zillions of time, but have we ever given a thought that, what beauty truly is? Is it just about a person’s face, skin color, weight or body shape or is it more than that.


According to me beauty is not by all these mentioned assets, it’s in the eyes of the beholder and how the person is from heart. I think that we are the creators of our reality and life which we are living. All the events occur around us the way we think, feel and believe. The world believes what you think of yourself. If you think you are beautiful and carry it with that confidence saying out loud to the world “Yes, I’m beautiful” the world will accept that. And if you say that,” No I’m not beautiful” the world will accept that too. What you want to be depends on you and your thoughts.


If you think having a pretty face, perfect makeup with an expensive dress is definition of beauty, then I must tell you my friends you are highly mistaken. Beauty lies in your heart, your eyes, your nature and how you treat others. People will always remember you for your nature not for the face you have. With time the so called “pretty face” will fade away, the only thing that will remain is you inner beauty. One more thing I’ll like to say is never compare your looks with that of others. Don’t try to be like someone else, be who you really are. We all are born to be different with different characteristics. If we all were same that would be so boring. God has blessed us all with different attributes, he has made us all beautiful in different ways. So feel comfortable in your own skin, embrace yourself and say “no matter what others say, I know I’m beautiful”.


Don’t try to be like others but be the one of your own kind, happy and beautiful.

Think beautiful, Stay beautiful, because you are beautiful.

Do you like my post? Do you think you are beautiful? I would love to hear from you.

Loads of love❤

Meenal Ranka.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. varunshri10 says:

    Beautiful post ….😊


    1. meenal01 says:

      Thank you Varun 🙂


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