The Big Day!!!!

Hello buddies

Well I’m super excited and was quite eager from the day this month started as this is that time of the year again….Its going to be my birthday two days from now. I have been counting days even before September ended. It would mean the world to me if everyone I love would have been here to celebrate my birthday. But I understand that they are busy with their lives and I know that their blessings will always be there with me so no worries.

Let me start with the day I was born. On a cold winter morning of January 31st a boy was born- my brother. He always wanted a sibling and always asked the same to my mom. So 6 years later on 20th October his wish was finally granted and an angle was born 👼- me . Being a kid I was  very naughty. I was seriously a pain for my mom as I won’t listen to her and kept running here and there unlike my brother, well I still don’t listen to her in some matters.


But the one thing I do every year on my birthday is to thank my parents for the beautiful gift of life they have given me and to my brother as well because I’m what he wished for. He is not only a sweetheart but is the best brother one can have. On every ones birthday something special happens. So here I was discussing with my parents of how excited I’m for my birthday and how should we celebrate it etc to make it special.


So my father asked me “Do you really want to make you birthday special?” And with full excitement I replied “Yes. Who doesn’t want their birthday to be special?” he questioned again”Tell me one thing. You are going to be 21 and what have you done to deserve a special birthday celebration”.

I thought it was a simple question and said “ I completed 12th with good percentage , and achieved this and that and the list continued” He said me ”I’m not asking what you did for yourself ,I’m asking what you did for others without any selfish motive.” And I couldn’t answer him. He said “ if you really want to celebrate your birthday in a special way , celebrate it with those who don’t even know when their b’day is. It will not only make your birthday special but will also give those children joy and happiness. Satisfaction and blessings will be complimentary if you do so.”


After this conversation ended I gave it a thought and decided that every year I’ll go to an orphanage. I will not only celebrate my big day with them but will also donate all the clothes and books which I don’t require any more. Because the joy of giving is priceless in front of a huge party with friends.


Stay blessed and wish me Happy Birthday… 🎁

Hope you liked it.

Loads of love😘



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