Festival of lights

Hello people,

Happy Diwali and New year to all of you. I hope you all had a great safe and eco-friendly Diwali. Diwali is one of my favorite festival as it is one of those festival which is celebrated across the country by everyone no matter from which religion you belong. It not only  spread light, joy, strength, wealth and good health in our lives but it’s also time of the year where the entire nation brims with lights, fireworks, sparkle and shine all over. As the whole country gleams with lanterns and diyas, the biggest concern for a girl is what to wear this Diwali. And believe me it’s not at all easy to decide. Even if we start deciding 10 days before Diwali we end up wearing something else from the one we actually decided.

img_20161030_185630 img_0772

It sometimes amaze we how we girls are so excited for each and every occasion whether small or big. From our kajal to our dress to our hairdo we discuss and decide each and every thing with our frnds or sisters or our mom’s before Diwali. Everything seems so important and a big deal for us. And for boys nothing is a big deal. Most of them are so boring . Ask them what you are going to wear this Diwali and their reply will be like “Kuch bhi phen lenge…Diwali hi to hai”. Like seriously “kuch bhi”. But chuck them boys will remain as such no matter what.

Coming to my attire I wanted to wear something indo-western but my mom insisted on wearing something traditional. So here I’m wearing suit cum gown as my mom call it. I’m so much in love with this dress. I normally don’t wear traditional dress and don’t own many but from the few that I own this is ultimate favorite. It’s a full length carrot colored suit which I bought from a local store in Udaipur. Have a look at some mores picture in this attire and due to low light some picture did not turn out well so sorry for that.





I hope you liked it. Would love to hear from you people…

Loads of love

Meenal Ranka

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