Wedding Bells

“Woah !!! finally it happened. Engaged officially.”

Hello friends

Now if you people want to congratulate me, then don’t because if u think these are my words then you are totally wrong. Now you must be thinking is “if not you then who?” Well, these are the words of my sister. She was beaming with happiness, with shine in her eyes. She was so happy that she couldn’t express it.

Few months back I hardly knew her. Earlier we met when I was 2 years old and hence I couldn’t       collect any memories of her. I only knew that I had a cousin names Neelam in Bangalore. But after I went to Bangalore in July this year, after our 1st meeting the bond I share with her is like we know each other for year. It took just 1 meet to get so close and after that we kept on meeting.

In life we meet many people, it amazes me that how with some people we form an unbreakable bond instantly, and with others it take years to form such bond.

August 21, 2016 her engagement day: In morning she was extremely nervous, but after her engagement she was so happy that words popped out of her mouth. All the nervousness, fear she had, had vanished. She was on cloud nine. I had never seen her so happy before that evening.


That night I stayed back at her place, we talked till midnight. And that night she shared many incidents of her life with me. Back then in Bangalore I realized how elder sisters can be you best friends, your best company while shopping, your best stylist and how they can be exactly like you mother with all the scolding and caring thing.

She is going to get married this week on 8th of December 2k16, I so wanted to attend her wedding but due to some circumstances I won’t be able to. Through this I just want to convey my best wishes and what I feel about her. So my dear sister, I know that you have got what you always wanted, what you always dreamed of, you have got your prince charming for life. I have seen and the love you both have for each other in your eyes, I know you will be happily ever after but still I wish you a happy married life. May the love between you grow and blossom with each passing day. May you have cute kids just like you 😜.  And may this last always and forever 😘.




Talking about my look, when I first heard that she was getting engaged within a month, I kind of freaked out as I was not carrying anything apt to wear for the occasion. But when you want something it seems as if the universe is working toward it, to fulfill what you want. Same thing happened with me , three days before her big day I went to Pune at my brothers place and I found something that instantly took my breath away. This is a full length gown, which gives an illusion of cape top in floral print. It was perfect for a day event and wasn’t too much or too less for the occasion. I kept the look quite simple with minimum makeup, a choker and matching earring.




Stay happy, Stay blessed

Loads of love

Meenal Ranka

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