16 lessons 2k16

2k16 is coming to an end and we are ready to welcome year 2k17 with a blast. It seems that the year 2k16 went by so quickly. This shows how fast the time passes by. Looking back at the year, I witnessed many events, many ups and downs which not only added more experience and memories but also taught me meaning full lessons. It is often said that in every moment of your life you learn something new, 2k16 is also ending with many useful learnings.


I believe we change every day in some or the other way and with 2016 ushering, my life changed. New things happened, drastic change of events, fights, emotions, exposure so many mixed feelings in 365 days. So let’s have a look at all the lessons I have learned this year about life, people and most importantly about myself.

  1. Forgive

One of the lessons I learned this year was to forgive others no matter what. We have often heard “forgive others not because they deserve it but because you deserve peace”. This is actually true and when I practiced it I felt more calm and mature. Because with forgiveness, the sense of hatred for that person was gone. This not only made me calmer but a happier person as well. So forgive others for your growth and happiness.


  1. Adjust

I’m not a kind of person who is very adjusting. I’m a person who wants her own personal space, but this thing changed when we went to Bangalore for 3 months. Living in a completely unknown city with your friends, teaches you how to adjust in different situations. This was necessary for me, as things are not always going to be the way I want them to be. So I learned how to adjust.


  1. Money

Living in a different city all alone teaches you many things like money is not everything, but you need money for everything in life. I learned to value money more than before and realized its importance.

  1. Believe in yourself

It is very important to believe in your own self instead of doing what people expect of you. It will not only make you happy but also more satisfied and in peace with yourself. You will have a better picture of what you really want and will help you accept as you really are.


  1. Dream but also make effort

It’s important to dream in order to fulfill it, but it is necessary to make an effort to fulfill it. I wrote my first poem when I was in 6th std., I always wanted to get my writings published or wanted people to read it. The only thing that pulled me back was that I wasn’t confident enough. But this year when I thought of starting my own blog, I made an effort and realized what I was capable of.


  1. Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Take risks because that will make you more mature and add to your experience. And may be in your old age you will have some interesting stories to tell your grandchildren’s.😜


  1. Don’t wait for things to happen

Because if you wait you will keep waiting. If you want to do something just go for it. Don’t wait for others, simply do it. For example I love shopping and if there is no one to accompany me I’ll go all alone shop, watch a movie, enjoy myself and come back. Same thing applies to everything you want in life.


  1. No one is perfect

We all have some or the other flaws, so it’s ok if you fail or make wrong choices. Learn from them because these things don’t define you, but will lead you to a right path and make you a person you really are.


  1. Meditate

Meditation is important to solve most of the problems in our lives. It is surprising but 95% problems are virtual i.e. created by our mind. By our mind? Yes ,because we think too much and create problems that don’t even exist. And meditation is the answer to all your questions.So it’s important to train our minds through meditation.


  1. Family

Family is the most important thing in my life. No matter what happens I know they will always be there with me and will support me. No matter how much I fight with mom or argue with dad or tease my brother in the end they are the ones I love the most. They are the one whom I can confide in. they are the one who always motivate me and see the good in me when I can only bad.


  1. Friends

I realized it’s important to have friends in life. I believe having true friends is important than having fake friends. I’m lucky to have some of the true friends in my life. Dhruvi, Nitisha, Priyanka, Varun, Sandy thanks a lot for being in my life. It means a lot to me. Thank you for motivating me, for being with me during my ups and downs, for all the crazy things and silly conversations, for listening to all my idiotic talks and for making lot of memories with me which I’ll cherish for life.

  1. Choose people wisely

People who stay in your life are one of the biggest assets. Choose them wisely. Try to stay away from those “friends” who have negative impact on you, who tries to bring you down, those who talk behind your back and “friends” who back stab you. It’s better to have enemies than to have such friends. So choose wisely of who you allow in your life. Because these things definitely have impact on your life and may sometimes influence your emotions and even you thinking


  1. Keep experimenting

This is something on which our life depends on. If we keep doing the same thing again and again our growth stops and eventually we get bored with it. When we experiment with things we learn, we grow, we change our perspective to see things , life becomes so much interesting. Whether its style, food, makeup, books genre, songs whatever you like keep experimenting. This way you will explore more.

  1. Don’t give a damn of what people will think or say

We often worry about what people will say or we will be the center of gossips. Well let me tell you everyone is so busy sorting out their own lives that they hardly give a damn about yours. And even if they do how does it matter. They will have something to say even if you are right or if are wrong so chuck it.


  1. Spend time with yourself

The most important lesson I have learned is to invest in yourself, to spend time with your own self. It not only help you figure out what you really want but also help you know about yourself. Do what you really love doing may it be dancing, singing, writing anything that excites you, that makes you feel happy, that reminds you who you really are. It will reduce stress and will be a source of energy.

  1. Everything has a Price tag

Every lesson have its own price. Nothing is free of cost in this world dear… Whether you want it or not you pay a heavy price for each and every lesson you learn in life. The cost may be in terms or time, money, emotions, relationship it can be anything but definitely worth it.

Last but not the least I have learned to make memories so that one day when I look back I don’t regret the life I lead. When I turn the pages of my life all I want to remember is happiness and the moments I lived.

These were some of the important lessons I learned in 2k16. It feels good to be so much open and honest about yourself and your feelings. these learnings have not only change me but have also made me a better person. I hope u liked it. Do tell about the lessons you learned this year.

Loads of love 😘


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tip&fun vj says:

    Nice, Meenal well said “Spend time with yourself”.


  2. danasiafantastic says:

    Don’t wait for things to happen and forgiving are two I’m really trying to work on this year.


    1. Meenal Ranka says:

      Thats good. Hope you achieve what you want.


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