New Year, New Beginning

A very happy new year 2k16  2k17….😃

Well it happens with every one of us, for at least a month or so we write the previous year with the date and then scribble it realizing that new-year has started. I wish I spent my New Year’s Eve all dressed up, dancing madly on the dance floor and welcoming the new year with open arms. Do you know how I actually spent it? By sleeping at 11:30 on 31st. Like seriously who do’s that at our age. And I was clearly upset about it. But guess what 2k16 oops!!! Sorry 2k17 had some other plans for me. These last 5 days had been the most needed one’s and were a very good start for this year.

Not to mention I took some New year resolution and hope to fulfil it this year 😜, but I will discuss them in my next post. Last few days had been wonderful, spending time with your loved one’s family, friends, partying around, going to different places. I wish the year goes like this full of liveliness and happiness.


Talking about the dress in Black OMG!!! I love black. What a wonderful color it is. A black dress can make you look beautiful, hot, sexy, classy, in love with yourself all at the same time. I’m so much obsessed with black that about 75% of my wardrobe is occupied with black outfits. I get strict instructions from mom not to buy black when I go shopping but in the end, I end up buying it. Even when I was in Bangalore, I went shopping and when I returned my sister was like “I cannot see anything apart from black” and with a puppy face I was like “they all are so gorgeous”. Now you all can imagine how much I love black 😍.


This was something I wore to a party. I loved the combination. The crop top goes very well with the floral net pencil skirt. I fall in love with the skirt the first time I saw it. I was like “I have to buy it no matter what”. This was something different from the skirts I already owned and wanted to add it to my collection. And buying it was the right choice.


The black and white top gave it a kind of monochrome effect. This top can be styled in many ways. This can go with your long skirt, your pair of shorts, damaged jeans, palazzos or can be worn inside a kimono. You can get so many different looks with it. And the material is so comfortable that I can wear all day long.

To give a different look you can always add accessories to it.

Find the look book details below







Look book details:

  • Top                            : Forever 21, Pune

  • Skirt                         : Forever 21.pune

  • Accessories          : Darjeeling (gifted by my brother).

Hope you liked it.

Loads of love😘



8 Comments Add yours

  1. rachel says:

    I really like the outfit, the skirt is really pretty and I love the lace detailing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. meenal01 says:

      Thank you Rachel.
      For more such outfits follow my blog or like my fb page. 🙂


  2. Rachel C says:

    Lovely outfit, black is my go to also. You can’t go wrong with a black dress.


    1. meenal01 says:

      I agree with you =D


  3. Aziza says:

    Great skirt, love the lace!


    1. meenal01 says:

      Thank you 🙂


  4. Ashley says:

    Totally can relate to falling asleep early on New Years! I was awake but only because my kids couldn’t wait for the ball to drop, haha…..cute outfit! Have a great new year!


    1. meenal01 says:

      Hahaha…. Thank you. And Happy New Year 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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