Paint it Red

“Love is a canvas

Furnished by nature

And embroidered by imagination”

Hello ladies

Love is a language hard to speak but easy to understand. It is something that should be celebrated every single day of your life. But sometimes we need special occasions to express what we really feel. And that’s the reason why some days are special than others and surely Valentine day is one of them. It is considered as the official day of expressing love and affection. Every special occasion calls for a celebration. With Valentine day around the corner, everyone is ready with their plans for the perfect evening.

And for sure no one wants to end up under-dressed for the perfect occasion. So we always keep on looking for the perfect dress, perfect makeup, perfect footwear and right hairstyle for an amazing look. And what could be better than a fitted, curve defining little red dress. So here is my perfect dress for the lovely evening. For me Valentine day is all about red. The color of love. And that is well portrayed in my outfit. This dress is so comfortable and fits amazingly. I love the way it looks on me. I accessorized the look with a cute butterfly pendent. And soft curls in the hair made the look all the more romantic. As it is a bit cold in Udaipur, so I added a stole. I wore it like a cape giving the dress a chic look. For me the overall look is perfect for the evening.










Look book details:

  • Stole: Tibetian Market, Udaipur
  • Dress: Sindhi Bazar, Udaipur
  • On my lips: Lakme

What do you ladies think? Do let me know what your perfect dress was.

Hope you liked it. Let me know in comments below.

Loads of love❤️



110 Comments Add yours

  1. You can’t beat a glam red dress, this one is just gorgeous and totally suits you.


    1. Meenal Ranka says:

      Thanks for the compliment.


  2. Totally ravishing… the gown… damn!


  3. love that colour on you. i was given some advice before that if you want instant glamour then pack a red dress!!!


    1. Meenal Ranka says:

      so true.. 🙂


    1. Meenal Ranka says:

      Thank you


  4. Lubka Henry says:

    You really have found the perfect red dress – simple yet so chic 🙂


    1. Meenal Ranka says:

      Thank you


  5. Anna Lysik says:

    Ah your dress is adorable! I dont wear dresses often, but this one looks like i would definitely wear!


  6. I love your outfit. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, so no dress for me. Hope you had a lovely day.


    1. Meenal Ranka says:

      Thank you . And yes I had a lovely day


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