After College…

Hello folks,

“After college I know I’m going to HEAVEN,

coz I’m already going through HELL”

Says a quote on the T-shirt I own. Oops!!! It wasn’t mine but I stole it from my brother’s closet.

Do u feel it’s a tedious task to choose what to wear for college every day? Well, being a college student it’s quite difficult for me too to decide what to wear each and every day. It’s a struggle every morning for a college student to decide what to wear which is comfortable as well as cool at the same time. And for this reason I love these loose t-shirt so much.

They are so comfortable and is everything a student of my age needs. Also they are available in variety colors, styles and patterns and are never out of lime light. T-shirts fits anyone, in any shape and size and definitely suits a person of any age. It gives a simple, plain and casual look. This is the reason I appreciate T-shirts so much. And I don’t regret stealing such T-shirts from my brother’s collection. They are loose, comfy and can be worn with different styles giving it a funky look.

Today I’m wearing a black T-shirt with a quote on it as said before. Paired with blue denim, I have folded the short sleeves on both sides along with a knot at one of the bottom corner to give it a cool look. After the outfit is done, the question arises what about the foot wears? Which footwear will suit this look?

Well, that’s not at all an issue. You can pair it with almost anything and everything. A pair of loafers or shoes suits the most with this outfit.


I have paired it with sports shoes and a cute backpack for a finished look. These t-shirts are perfect for college, to chill out with friends or a day out and can be worn with skirts, Capri’s or shorts .

T-shirts are a great choice for students as they cost a few bucks and are durable as well as versatile.  What do you think? What do you prefer wearing? Let me know by commenting below.

Hope you liked it.

Loads of love😘

Meenal Ranka


One Comment Add yours

  1. Ana De-Jesus says:

    I made it my mission to wear something different every day when I was in sixth form and it was such a hard challenge. Thankfully at uni I wore whatever I wanted and I love this casual look on you x


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