“OMG, you must be lying”, was my friends reaction when I told them what the outfit really was.

Hello my beautiful friends

Now you all must be thinking, why she is exaggerating so much. It’s just a dress, isn’t it? Yeah definitely I have worn it as a dress but the catch here is it’s not actually a dress.

What is it then? Well, it actually is a wraparound skirt. Shocked!!! Same way my friends were shocked too. A few weeks ago we had a theme party, let me correct myself a really weird theme party. The theme was to wear any of the old clothes. What was weird in that? The weird thing was to wear it in an unpredictable manner not in its actual form. I started thinking “what can I do with my old clothes? Convert a T-shirt into crop top – No I have done this earlier, cut off your jeans to make shorts- no ,everyone will plan to do it, buy a dress material and stitch something-Nah we have to use our old clothes. I opened my wardrobe, looked at my favorite skirt, picked it and decided to do something with it.

This wrap around is a skirt that wraps around the waist and is secured by tying. It is wrapped in such way that it overlaps, so leg movement will not reveal the body because the skirt opens up. It’s very comfortable and I love it when worn with a T-shirt or a short kurta. I looked at it and thought, “How can I wear it in a different manner?” I tried many styles and finally came up with the style of wearing it as a dress. It was loose from the waist so I tied a brown belt along the waist, giving it a chick look.

I have paired up with the ‘Kohlapuri chappals’ to give a perfect look. Going to a party without some accessories and makeup is a total no no. To match the look I wore a junk neckpiece, Brown earings and carried a leather bag. When I went to the party and told them this is actually a skirt they couldn’t believe it. Not only did I get lot of compliments but I too totally loved my look.

Hope You liked it

Skirt: Gifted

Accessories: Commercial Street, Bangalore

Waist belt: Myntra

Loads of love😘

Meenal Ranka


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