Meenal Ranka

Who’s this pretty lady???

Meenal Ranka,

A software engineer, born and brought up in “the city of lakes- Udaipur “with passion for bikes (like Harley ,Royal Enfield) and adventure is a simple girl who is an immense fashion lover .Along with lot of creativity, she is a poet, a writer. A good listener and a doer, she does everything with ‘meraki’. She loves traveling (although haven’t traveled much😜) ;she dreams of traveling the world alone. She believes in herself and knows she can achieve what she want. She is not only looked upon for the guts she has but also for the great confidence she possess. She gets bored with things very fast which leads to creation of new things. Blessed to be a woman she likes to dress up with whatever she likes from her brothers closet to her mother’s wardrobe giving them her own touch. She feels ,the right kind of clothes, footwear, perfect hair, and make up  with some accessories and a good attitude is all you require to look both classy and beautiful.